i decided tumblr was more convenient when i get myself a smart phone. HAHA, 4.0cgpa fighting!
relink me aye ;)


you can never tire out.

because sometimes your enemy's your friend.

and if that doesn't happens in real life
(because we know very well suzy & eunjung are just acting as rivals),
i'll help you move along.
AAR anyone? ;)
"..this is how i now live,
that generations will be saved;"

To all my friends that are sad right now,

there's always something else that's worth living for (:


my heart breaks.

Sam Dong ahh . T-T ;
episode 10 was especially heartaching.
milkycouple weren't doing well either,
but at least Jason finally realised manners don't get him nowhere with a girl.

shall now sleep with tears.